Documentation for Carlton M. Vining - Cecil B. Hedges

Census Data

  1920 1930 1940
Carlton M. Vining 28 38 dead
Cecil B. (Hedges) Vining 28 38 48
    Marion A. Vining 1 y., 4 m. 11 21
[see note below]
    Robert Morris Vining 4 y., 1 m. 14

1920 Decatur Township, Van Buren County, Michigan - dwelling 160, family 163:

1930 Niles Township (ward 3), Berrien County, Michigan - dwelling 255, family 299:

1930 Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. By 1940, Marion A. Vining was married, to Robert Hartman, and she and her husband were living in the same household as her mother and brother.

Death Data

Headstone for Carlton M. Vining and Cecil B. (Hedges) Vining, in Lakeside Cemetery, Decatur, Van Buren County, Michigan (from Find A Grave):

Gravestone for Robert Morris Vining, son of Carlton M. Vining and Cecil B. (Hedges) Vining, in Greenwood Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas (from Find A Grave):