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Vining Places
   Lee Vining, California (map)
   Vinings, Georgia (map)
   Vining, Iowa (map)
   Vining, Kansas
   Vining, Minnesota (map, road sign [with Lawrence Vining Durland next to it])

Streets, Roads, etc.:
   Vining Cicle - Ringgold, Georgia, USA
   Vining Street - Auburn, Maine, USA
   Vining Road - Cooper, Maine, USA
   Vining Street - Lisbon (Falls), Maine, USA
   Vining Street - Boston, Massachusetts USA
   Vinnin [sic] Square - Swampscott, Massachusetts USA (see this article)
   Vining Street - Malden, Massachusetts USA
   Vining Hill Road - Southwick, Massachusetts USA
   Vining Way - Northfield, New Hampshire USA [named after Bradley and Barbara Vining of Natick, Massachusetts]
   Vining Street - Bellingham, Washington USA
   Vining Street - Brixton, London, England
   Lee Vining Avenue - Lee Vining, California USA
   Vining Road - Romulus, Michigan USA

Water Bodies:
   Vining Lake - Cooper, Maine, USA

   Vining Scenic Reserve - Auckland, New Zealand
   Vining Walkway - Auckland, New Zealand

Vining Schools, Libraries, etc.
Eugene C. Vining [Elementary] School, Billerica, MA
Vining Library, West Virginia University Tech
Vining residence complex, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC - named for Dwight Price Vining, business manager for 45 years with WWC, originally Asheville Farm School

Web Sites of Individuals and Families
John Vining (web site)
Joseph B. Vining and descendants (Oatney Family Genealogy Vining page)