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Purpose. The purpose of the nonprofit Vining Family Association is to promote, support, and preserve research about the history of the surname Vining and those who bear it worldwide. To accomplish this purpose, the association will bring together in one place and in a convenient form an online genealogy and related material such as, but not limited to, census records, gravestone images, photographs, and news articles. It will provide a forum for exchange of information, for asking and answering questions about Vining genealogy and history, and will generally encourage an interest in the fascinating world of genealogy.

Membership. The Vining Family Association is open to all persons who are interested in supporting its purpose (please see above).

Dues. Dues are $10 for the membership year of January 1 through December 31. If you join on or after July 1, your dues will be $5 for the remainder of that calendar year. A lifetime membership is $100. Dues and donations should be made payable to Vining Family Association and mailed to “Vining Family Association c/o J. Vining, P. O. Box 505, Yardley, PA  19067”.

Newsletter. Please send items for the newsletter to Judi Vining via e-mail at or by traditional mail to “Judi A. Vining; P. O. Box 505; Yardley, PA  19067”.

Online Genealogy. To submit information for or make corrections to the online Vining genealogy, please e-mail or write to “Vining Genealogy; P. O. Box 505, Yardley, PA 19067”. Notice: We are looking for a volunteer Genealogist who would be interested in validating research and updating the site. They would work directly with the webmaster and do not need any technical training. If you're interested, please email