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Vining Genealogy - Q
(updated 10 January 2018)

Welcome to the “Q” list, Vining families whose father’s (or single-parent mother’s) first name begins with the letter Q. Family units are arranged alphabetically by the first name of the father (or single-parent mother). Links are provided to enable you to move up and down each lineage. To follow a line back in time (ancestors), click on the underlined portion of “(son of …)” or “(dau. of …)” beneath the name of the person you want to trace back. To follow a line forward in time (descendants), click on the name of the person whose offspring you want to see. A plus sign (+) following a name means that that person had one or more children, but that family group has not been added to this web page. To view documentation, including census data, click on the link “documentation and notes” at the bottom of a family.

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We appreciate very much the corrections and additions that many people are contributing to this genealogy. The real value in this project is the documentation, but that, unfortunately, is rarely contributed. Please, if you have images of gravestones, census records, or, for deceased persons, birth, marriage, and death certificates, submit them, and we will post them for the benefit of all. All information, especially source material, for inclusion in this web page should be sent to or mailed to “Vining Family Association” at the address at the top of this page. And, of course, please report all errors.

A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

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Quentin Delmont Vining
   (son of Bertrand Guy Vining and Violet Marion Whitney)
   b. 29 February 1920   Mexico, Maine
   m. 27 July 1946   Jay, Maine
         Frances [Aletha or Althea?] Lakin
               (dau. of Archie Lakin and Esther A. Knowles)
               b. 19 May 1925   Wilton, Maine
               d. 4 July 2008   Wilton, Maine
   d. 7 March 2007   Wilton, Maine

   Rodney Bertrand Vining   b. 25 March 1948   Farmington, Maine   -   m. 7 January 1967   Wilton, Maine   Meredith Elaine Sprague   -   d. 28 February 2007   Wilton, Maine
   Ronald Delmont Vining   b. 25 March 1948   Farmington, Maine   -   d. 28 March 1948   Farmington, Maine   -   bur. Lake View Cemetery   Wilton, Maine
   David George Vining   b. 12 December 1950   Farmington, Maine
   Barbara Ann Vining   b. 18 February 1953   Farmington, Maine   -   m. (1) 8 March 1980   Colby L. Ryder;   (2) 6 September 1988   Merle A. Hall
   Kenneth Leroy Vining   b. 29 March 1958   -   m. 26 June 1982   Janice M. Selinski

documentation and notes

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